Sponsored by the Office of High Energy Physics in the DOE Office of Science, the Symposium on Accelerators for America's Future brought together more than 400 scientists in Washington DC on October 26, 2009.


Walter Henning, Argonne Distinguished Fellow, ANL and Charles Shank, Director, LBNL (Retired)


The symposium will examine the challenges for developing and deploying accelerators to meet the nation’s needs in

  • Discovery Science
  • Medicine and Biology
  • Energy and Environment
  • National Security
  • Industrial Applications and Production


  • To identify current and future needs of stakeholders
  • To seek out crosscutting challenges—technical, cost, policy—whose solutions may have transformative impacts on opportunities for the future
  • To identify the areas of accelerator R&D that hold greatest promise
  • To provide guidance to bridge the gap between basic accelerator research and technology deployment